Automatically save incoming Email attachments to the right cloud storage folders

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Forget about code or countless rule-based automations.
Teach our AI to automate your document workflow in just a few clicks.

Write rules for every single case.
Watch your process break when they are not met.

. . .

Just look at every incoming email and save the attachments manually.
Sounds like you?

Try to write your own code (or ask a developer to help you).
Watch it break when your rules are not met.

Automate what you couldn't automate before

colabel starts where rule-based automation ends – see how it works
Time savings
Time and cost
Even tiny actions add up throughout the day – let machines work during your most productive hours
Robot face
Reduce human
Our software learns from its mistakes and gets better with each day
Soap bar
Organized and clean
file storage
Find all your files where you expect them – be it in your inbox or in designated cloud storage folders

No code required

Use our no-code platform to create AI-powered document classifiers based on your own attachments. Then integrate them with your email account and your cloud storage. All in a few clicks.

  • Drag & drop interface
  • AI training in a few clicks

Intelligent and precise

Once you created your flow, our AI recognizes each attachment intelligently and saves it into the specific pre-defined folder. Forget automatic downloads to a single messy folder or tons of rule-based automations based on sender, document type or email subject.

  • Powered by machine learning
  • One smart flow to sort all files

Beyond just filing attachments

Single attachments might include multiple documents. In addition, some documents might need to be renamed before they can be stored. This makes handling documents very time-consuming. With our platform, you can rename your files or edit them before storing them in your cloud folder. All within the same automated flow.

  • Edit files before upload
  • Split up or rename files

More than just Gmail and GDrive

We have a wide range of integrations that you can use to integrate colabel into your process. Also, our AI platform serves many many more use cases involving unstructured data (PDFs, images, text) besides from handling email attachments.

  • Wide range of integrations
  • AI suitable for many other use cases

Unlock the next level of productivity

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