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Swiss Army Knife who has actually lived in Switzerland.

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The value chain of machine learning

The value chain of machine learning consists of more than algorithm programming. Here's an overview of the different players and their roles.

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To code or not to code: Increasing the level of freedom with user-friendly software

Technical barriers to building fully functional, valuable, and even profitable businesses are officially gone - thanks to the rise of no-code tools.

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A beginner’s guide to how machines learn

When you are getting started with AI, you have to know the basics of how machines learn. Let's dive in.

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Deep learning vs. machine learning – What’s the difference?

Machine learning and deep learning are two sides of the same coin. Same same but different. Reason enough to clarify a few things!

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The data mining process

The data mining process involves highly technical steps. Thus, machine learning projects, especially in SMEs, often fail...but there is a solution.

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What great customer acquisition looks like

Some companies are more invested in customer relationships than others. ButterCMS is one exceptionally good example.

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