The value chain of machine learning

The value chain of machine learning consists of more than algorithm programming. Here's an overview of the different players and their roles.

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Why decision fatigue is hurting your productivity and how to prevent it

Feeling stressed by the many decisions you have to take every day? Let’s discover how productivity tools can help you reduce your decision fatigue.

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Going beyond accuracy: Understanding precision and recall

Accuracy can be a misleading measure to evaluate model performance. Let's see what you need to know more to ensure your model fulfills your objective.

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How to control AI-automation

Skepticism about the reliability of AI hinders its mainstream adoption. This article dispels fear and provides tools to control AI-enabled automation.

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What is cognitive automation?

Cognitive automation is the next big thing for streamlining your business processes. Let's see what exactly is and how it works.

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How to automate processes with unstructured data

The vast majority of business processes involve unstructured data. Streamlining them has always been a struggle...but now there is machine learning.

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