What is cognitive automation?

Cognitive automation is the next big thing for streamlining your business processes. Let's see what exactly is and how it works.

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How to automate processes with unstructured data

The vast majority of business processes involve unstructured data. Streamlining them has always been a struggle...but now there is machine learning.

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5 major reasons why every business benefits from automating processes

Are you still skeptical about the benefits process automation can bring to your business? Take a look at this article.

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Image processing, part 2: How do they work?

Classification is one of the most important techniques in image processing. So let's have a closer look at the inner workings!

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Image processing, part 1: What is an image classifier & what to do with it

This is a short introduction to what image classifiers do and how they are used in modern applications.

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A beginner’s guide to how machines learn

When you are getting started with AI, you have to know the basics of how machines learn. Let's dive in.

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